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Stories and articles about increasing sales by techniques using cues and hints automatically derived from 1-1 conversations.

Improving the Conversational Ability of Chat Systems

Building intelligent systems, known as chat bots, that can engage in a human-like conversation...

Robo-Trading is just the beginning

Before you press 1 to speak to a customer service representative, you’ve been talking to a robot....

Good help is hard to find, but AI is making it easy to build your own AI team

What you need to know to be ready for AI-based outsourcing.

Will Uber Drivers or Car Salespeople Be Automated First?

Self-driving cars are on their way. Tesla, Hyundai, Volvo, and other auto manufacturers have been...

What Machine Learning Means for the Future of Negotiating

Quick:  Name the best chess player in history.

We Need to Talk About Helping Kids

Yes, our business is about engaging customers through conversations and assessing and addressing...