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Dan Paris & Scott Sandland

Scott Sandland

Scott is the former world's youngest hypnotherapist. A few companies (and decades) later he is the CEO of a company focusing on artificial empathy and strategic linguistics. As a former executive director and CEO of a mental health clinic and longtime technologist, he has experience leading purpose driven organizations. He has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, Psychology Today, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Scott has presented his AI work at the United Nations AI for Global Good Conference and is a frequent guest lecturer at various universities.

Dan Paris

For 23 years, Dan has managed content delivery for multi-billion-dollar enterprise organizations and SaaS companies. His ability to systematize talent into a scalable process has been the center point of his success, and with, Dan develops linguistic models which will lead to one of the world’s first truly emotionally intelligent AIs. Dan got his B.A. in Sociology at UCSD and is a Senior Professional in Human Resources. His experience spans: Travel & Hospitality, Insurance, Leadership Development, Real Estate & Mortgage, and Artificial Intelligence.

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