The power of deep listening in real estate sales

Every great real estate agent knows that success doesn't only come from talking the talk; you also need to know how to listen. Listening is key to building a rapport with your clients, which leads to the trust they need to feel in order to move forward with buying or selling a home with you.

Unfortunately, as we age, we get worse at listening. Sounds counterintuitive, right? It turns out that children around 5 or 6 years of age are great listeners because they're good at listening for content or exactly what a person is saying without filtering it through the lens of life experience.

As we get older, we start to make assumptions about what we are hearing. We start listening for context, whereby we consider the other person's thoughts, emotions, meaning, and history. 

We're supposed to hear their words but complicate them with our interpretations of their words. And we don't only consider the other person's thoughts and feelings; we also process using our motivations, emotions, associations, and memories.

When trust is established, it is a lot easier for us to listen deeply to content. When trust isn't there yet, we're more likely to listen for context, and this can keep us from building better communication because we're experiencing everything through our filters. It takes a lot of time to build a relationship that can help you listen for content. That's where deep listening comes in.

Targeting With Deep Listening

What is Deep Listening? Deep listening is listening to learn. It goes beyond active listening, which is a struggle for some on its own. As a real estate agent, you're working with people who are making significant life decisions, and your client has to trust you with guiding them through one of the most important purchases or sales of their lifetime.

Why you Need Deep Listening

Deep listening can help you build trust faster, thus gaining more clients and growing your success. You're also likely to have more satisfied clients, who then bring you referrals and continue to help you build a flywheel of success.

Deep listening helps you communicate with your clients and prospects where they are in the sales journey, which can reduce friction. You're probably well aware that someone who contacts you about your services could still be relatively far from buying or selling a home.

That is because there is a process people go through internally when making these decisions.


Deep listening allows you to determine where someone is in their interest-to-action journey, whether they are just beginning and need more nurturing or are committed and ready to take their next steps. How you help these clients should depend on where they're at, and deep listening can inform you.

Deep listening also gives you context clues about the deeper needs and motivations your clients have. Many factors influence how a client approaches financial decisions. Did they grow up wealthy or poor? What are their values? How does their personality influence these decisions? Deep listening can help you learn these things about your client so you can speak to their needs and show them you're the best fit for this big decision.


Deep Listening and Deep Learning

So how does this help you, the real estate agent, and how can you quickly put it into practice? This is where deep learning comes into play.

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning. When using deep learning, you give inputs to an AI, and it interprets meaning. The more inputs, the more thorough analysis and faster it can work.  

For example, take a simple video game like Pac-Man. If you tell an AI to master Pac-Man with simple rules like "game over = bad" and "high score = good", it'll take around eight days to become the best Pac-Man player ever. If you give the AI even more context, such as avoiding ghosts and collecting fruits, it'll take fewer days.  

How do we apply this to real estate? We have created AI that is adept at deep listening for real estate agents. 

In our new ebook, Mastering Sales Communication - A Guide for Real Estate Sales Agents, we deep dive into how you can get to the heart of people's values and priorities—and how to move them from interest to action faster! 

Quickly Targeting Sellers and Prospects with Cyrano

The Cyrano AI has been taught using deep learning methods to understand interest, motivation, and the "tells" in human language. We created this deep listening AI to assist people who need to quickly understand the meaning behind what people say in situations where that context can help.

Cyrano takes the work and training time needed to become proficient at deep listening and makes it easy and accessible for everyone.

We help you know what your clients really want so you can build rapport faster and close more deals. If you'd like to see this technology in action, reach out to us to learn more.

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